In the world of imagination, the impossible is possible. But what is fantasy without reality? Drawmore combines fantasy with technical manufacturability.

I dive into the world of my client, a festival, theme park, brand or TV format. What memory do we want to create? Which feeling should linger? At the same time I list all the technical and practical details. What preconditions are there for the space, show, artists and budget? Within that I create the highest achievable. First in 2D, then in 3D. The output consists of accurate impressions from different angles, so you can see exactly how it will turn out before it goes into production.

Don't be

afraid to


“Everything that starts with a scribble on a piece of paper can lead to a beautiful, fitting and unique design. Don’t be afraid to Drawmore!”

With my designs I want to stimulate the spontaneous and positive in visitors, customers and partygoers. Getting away from the daily routine. Relaxing or dancing, a day out, a unique experience. Happy visitors and loyal fans. That is what I want to achieve with clients.

I draw every day. The world was and is a playground for me. Studying Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven allowed me to combine the need to express myself creatively with my technical interests and talent. With my head in the clouds and both feet on the ground.

Hope to see you soon!
Rudi van de Schoor