Drawmore works with clients worldwide to develop unique 3D concepts for festivals, theme parks, brands and Television.

As a technical designer, I create a unique experience for visitors and fans with a fantastic stage, awesome formats and shapes. Away from the daily routine. A brand or concept comes to life. The world of fantasy is endless, technology makes it possible.

Stage Design

Everything for the show! With the right lights, images, colors and music, a festival takes you into another world. The stages, sets and decorations tell a story and create the right atmosphere. Drawmore translates it into concrete, makeable images. My 2D and 3D drawings are very close to reality.

Brand Experience

In hospitality, retail and business, everything revolves around your brand and graphic identity. With the right brand activation, a surprising interior or a special exhibition concept, your promise comes to life. Creativity combined with the highest possible quality to reach and retain your employees, visitors and customers.

Themed Area

Nowhere is the imagination stronger than in theme and amusement parks. This is where imagination and attention to detail count. Drawmore translates the concepts into stages, sets and decor that will enchant visitors. Makeable magic!

TV Set Design

Translating TV formats into the right visual identity and interiors is an art in itself. The right atmosphere within a limited space, at the same time functional and appealing to the imagination. A branch of sport in which my expertise as a 3D designer splashes off the screen.